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Trying to locate a good reptile vet in your area can oftentimes be very challenging for most people, even with the use of modern day Internet search engines. There are websites that show listings of reptile vets based on your city or state but they give you pages and pages of reptile veterinarians, which doesn't help you out much if you don't know how far away they are from you. If your reptile is facing a life or death situation and time is of the essence, randomly phoning vets from a long list is not an option because speed is of the utmost importance!

We understand how important it is to be able to find reptile vets in your local area as quickly as possible, especially if your reptile is in critical condition and needs immediate veterinarian assistance. We’ve created the very first online proximity searchable database of reptile vets with comments from reptile owners about the service and treatment of their reptiles. You can now locate reptile vets by simply entering your zip code and distance requirements. The system will return a list of reptile vets in your area, their phone numbers, addresses, websites and other contact information starting with the ones that are closest to you. It will also let you know how many miles away each vets’ office is from you as well. As an added convenience feature, we’ve partnered with Google Maps to provide you with immediate turn-by-turn driving directions to the vet without any additional effort on your part – just click “Get Driving Directions” and you're on your way.

Please note that we do not endorse any of the reptile vets or visitor supplied comments listed in our database of herp and reptile vets. Reptile and amphibian owners who have shared their experiences with the reptile vets listed have compiled the information and comments contained therein. We neither condone nor condemn any of the comments and feedback or the reptile veterinarian establishments listed. We strongly urge you to contact the reptile vet and speak with them about your situation before making a decision based solely on any of the visitor-supplied comments. Please share any experiences you may have with a particular reptile vet and how they cared for your animal so we can better inform and help others.

Locating reptile vets in your city based on a zip code is very useful to other reptile keepers as well so please link to this page from your website, blog, on reptile forums, etc. and tell everyone you know who keeps reptiles as pets about this page.


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